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Oct. 2003:


Here is an unforgettable testimonial from the Portland Expo on diabetes.

Shirley Hulen from Oregon shared:


Hi! My name is Shirley Hulen, a 74-year-old homemaker from Milwaukie, Oregon.


After having several tests done at the Women’s Fair in October 1999, a nurse advised me to see my doctor because of elevated blood sugar. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes as a result of the HbA1c test done at that visit.


 Next came a class at the hospital where we learned all aspects of diabetes, including neuropathy. At that time, I had no feeling from the ankles down, along with the tingling and pain. My disappointment came when I was told this condition would never go away and would continue to progress as more nerves were damaged. And progress it did---until it finally reached both knees! Since this was something I had to live with for the rest of my life, or so I was told, I accepted the fact I would be very inactive when I should be exercising to help control my blood sugar and to lose weight.


Near the end of 2001, I learned about Immunocal and on January 7, 2002 I took my first packet. Within weeks, I began to notice some things missing or improved. A sore in one ear was gone after 3 to 4 years. No more headaches, because my year-round sinus infections were also gone after many years. I was able to almost close both hands after arthritis prevented it from happening. Imagine my excitement when I noticed that my neuropathy had lowered almost two inches below my knees.


In the middle of March I began taking two packets of Immunocal a day and by late June the neuropathy was only in the bottom of my feet. How exciting for something that would NEVER be reversed! We just came back from our church campout on the Oregon coast.


This year I walked everywhere I needed to go, with much improved balance. Last year I could only walk short distances with assistance and had to be driven the longer ones.


Praise the Lord and Immunotec for Immunocal!!!!


Shirley Hulen:

P.S. My eyes are in excellent condition and there is no blurring







Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) had downed me so much that I was feeling extremely weak everyday. I had no hope hope that I could find a product that would help me so much. Thanks to Immunotec for developing this product.

After using Immunocal for nine months, I have realized tremendous results and am getting more better as time goes by. I have more energy and vitality, and the viral DNA test indicates that the virus is going down gradually.

My doctor was really amazed about the results and told me to keep using the product since INTERFERON didn't work for me. The viral count went down from 5500 to only 500 the last time he did the test, and I hope that I will clear the virus from my system.

The liver function test is extremely good. At this moment, I feel 80% better. I am so excited to be part of Immunotec family and the product immunocal. I recommend anybody with HBV to try this product.

Best Regards,

James Busienei

March 27, 2002