Breast Cancer Testimonial # 85


Quebecer Ivy-Marie

is a very active thirty-seven year old breast cancer survivor. After undergoing her initial surgery, the pathologist's report suggested she undergo a dozen sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She experienced many side-effects, including profound weakness and fatigue - a new experience for her. After ten sessions of therapy and many visits to her doctor to treat side effects, she was put on 30 gm/day of the whey protein concentrate Immunocal. Her strength and sense of well being improved within a week and she tolerated her last session of chemotherapy with few side effects. She is back to her usual routine, and remains disease-free.



Ingrid Cancer Testimonial # 86:


Dear Leroy and Monika,

Thank you for your e-mail. I had it on my mind, to write you, sorry it took me so long. How are you doing?

I am doing fine, health wise and other wise. Since I take the product, I noticed to have more energy and the "unclean" skinproblems in my face (from taking the chemotherapy) are disappearing. Beginning of the month I had the Chemo and at that time the Tumormarker was on 4.2 and when X-ray was taken from my spine, the could not find any cancerous signs on it. In May I had in my lung a metastasis of the 4 to 7 cm and 4 others of 2.5 cm in diameter. Beginning of August the bone scan and the CT showed, that there is only one Metastasis of 1.5 cm and around 10 other tiny "objects" smaller as 0.5 cm, but it is not possible to find out, if these smaller "objects" are malignant or not. After the 6. Chemo End of September, the doctor will have another test. But till then I will take the product and hopefully all readings of cancer may be of the past!

We are very happy about this news! Thanks to Jehovah, who gave to me the power beyond what is normal and all the good gifts in men, who helped me on the way of recovery.

Gaby is taking the product too and we will write you later, which improvement she will experience. Please tell me, if I should send my orders to you or directly to Canada? I got only one package of vitamins, I need 5 boxes more.

With Christian love,




Testimonial # 87

Mary Levers Breast Cancer


December 1996 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Luckily, I was operated on December 24th. Janurary 6th I was given the pathologist's report and I would need to have chemotherapy and radiotherapy. My first chemo was on January 24 and I was to do 12 sessions. The doctor told me that I could have different reactions to the chemo like vomiting, nausea, hair loss, sores in my mouth, etc. To counteract I was to do 24 sessions of radiotherapy simultaneously. If there were any complications I'd have antibiotics prescribed. After checking me out and prescribing the antibiotics, Dr. Dowell introduced me to HMS/90. He explained that it would help my immune system and being a pro-anything natural, I became interested in this food supplement. Two days after my 10th chemo session I began taking HMS/90. Incredibly, I had already noticed a change in my system ... I was especially interested in HMS/90 for its detoxification process since it would help my body eliminate the drugs. I had more energy than I have had in a long time and my body recovered from chemo much quicker without any side effects! This is definitely due to HMS/90. I continue to take HMS/90 faithfully and continue to build up my strength and hope to be back to normal in a few months. HMS/90 has given me a better quality of life. . I would be pleased to talk with you...

Mary Levers



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